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Access to treatment: inquiry

Access to treatment: inquiry

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Our International Patients staff works to ensure an exceptional private healthcare service dedicated to caring for patients and visitors from all over the world.

After receiving the access to treatment or second opinion inquiry our International Patient Office always strives to pledge that all the steps are handle cautiously and efficiently. We are dedicated to grant a prompt reply to our international patients.

The International Patients Office team coordinates all aspects of patient visits to the center, including managing medical consultations, coordinating medical admissions, and assisting during the treatment execution.



Download and fill out the form

"Access to treatment"


To evaluate your clinical case we require copies of the following medical documents:

  1. "Access to treatment" form singed and filled out 
  2. Copy of medical report from the referring doctor (if any)
  3. Treatment plan of previous radiotherapy, if any
  4. Copy of histologic outcome
  5. Copy of diagnostic imaging, reports and images,(CT, PET, MRI, Bone scintigraphy)
  6. Updated and detailed clinical history
  7. A cover letter of the referent physician, preferably not exceeding 3 months, that contains the following information: diagnosis, tumor stage, non-oncological history, detailed oncological history, therapies in progress, drugs, comorbidities
  8. Any other document useful to evaluate the case.

The documents have to be in English, up-to-date (not older than 3 months), essential and informative


To ensure the security of data transmission, please send all the required documents by using one of the following methods:


  1. Click here to send us directly and quickly your clinical documentation through an encrypted channel
  2. by Fax to the following number: +39 0382-078903
  3. by courier to the following address:


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Att: International Patients
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