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Appointment Date

Appointment Date

Our radiation oncologist will need to review pantient's medical records before any appointment information can be completed.y) Access to treatment: inquiry
Once the clinical case has been considered eligible to hadrontherapy, we will contact the patient to arrange the appointment to start the clinical path to the treatment, preliminary clinical consultation and MRI and CT scan preparatory to radiation treatment.

A customized cost estimate will be sent together with your appointments.

We will support the patient to obtain visa and any documentation needed for insurance companies.


Cost Estimate

Once the clinical case has been accepted for hadrontherapy a proposal first appointment will be sent together with a tailored quote, if necessary.

The quote includes:

  • clinical documents examination
  • 3D simulation
  • immobilization systems
  • pre-treatment imaging performed inside our facility
  • hadrontherapy treatment
  • additional imaging for simulation during the treatment cycle if needed
  • discharge consultation

CNAO offers interpreter service only during the first clinical visit, when the patient signs the informed consent to the treatment and at  discharge. Any additional interpreter service can be provided on demand. 

On request we can also provide a door-to-door service.

The cost estimate is a provisional calculation, which is based on the medical examination results that are provided and it may differ from the actual costs. In case of need of specific examinations, such as blood tests or other diagnostic tests to be performed with specific medical devices not available at CNAO and rendered by other institutes, CNAO will take care of contacts and reservations in other facilities related to us. The relative costs should be considered in addition to the basis fee.

Please consider that Fondazione CNAO is an out-patient facility that doesn’t provide hospitalization. Clinical additional costs and basis fee do not include eventual hospitalization.


Payment Options

If the recommendation involves treatment with us, our International Patients Office will provide you with estimates of your treatment costs and the amount of time you will need to stay in Italy to complete your treatment. 

After you decided in favor of an hadrontherapy treatment at Fondazione CNAO, we will ask you to arrange the partial payment of the total amount to confirm your enrollment.

You can pay for your hadrontherapy treatment with credit cards or bank transfers.

Final invoice will be given at the end of the treatment.

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