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Useful information before submitting your clinical case

Useful information before submitting your clinical case

To find out if a tumor is potentially treatable by Hadrontherapy, you need to send your clinical records to CNAO, which will be screened by our clinical staff and possibly shared with other specialists (for multidisciplinary consultation), for a preliminary assessment of treatability.

Pre-submission information:

Please be advised that cases NOT eligible for hadron (proton and carbon ion) therapy include:

  • Relapse of disease previously undergoing radiation therapy in case the previous radiation treatment is terminated within an interval of less than 6 months
  • Multimetastatic disease (number of metastatic lesions > 5)
  • Presence of peritoneal carcinosis
  • Presence of meningeal carcinosis

For remaining cases:

Documentation can be (A) hand-delivered to our office (directions to us are at this link), (B) sent by mail, or (C) submitted online directly from our website.

Once the necessary requested documentation is obtained, the waiting time for a response is about 10 working days.(B)

(B) Sending by courier

Fondazione CNAO
C.a. International Patients Office
Via Erminio Borloni, 1 - 27100 Pavia (PV)

(C) Submitted online directly from our website

For preliminary assessment by health care personnel, please send all documents listed below:

  • "Access to treatment" questionnaire completed and signed by the patient - downloadable.
  • Copy of histological examination
  • Copy of most recent MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and/or CT (computed tomography) performed within 3 months (report and images in DICOM format)
  • Copy of the most recent report/referral of examination of the referring specialist, condation of update within 3 months from sending the request for consultation.

In case of surgery performed in the last 12 months, supplement:

  • Copy of report of last surgery
  • Copy of preoperative MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) and/or CT (computed tomography) scan (report and images in DICOM format).

In case of previous radiation treatments performed, supplement:

  • Copy of report of previous radiation treatments.

Please send the diagnostic images in DICOM format so they can be properly read by the medical staff.

It is possible that you may be asked for additional documentation based on your review of the documentation initially requested. Clinical documentation received in a manner not in accordance with the above and/or specifically requested will not be evaluated.

Submit your clinical case

Referring doctors: Information on the processing of your personal data
Sometimes, when requesting a preliminary clinical evaluation, we are provided with some of your personal data (name and surname) and contact details. CNAO wishes to inform you that it will store such data in its databases for the sole purpose of contacting you if necessary.  Those data will be stored and processed by CNAO for the duration of the referral relationship, that means that we’ll delete your data immediately as you’ll require it or we’ll do it after 5 years after last referral.
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