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The story of Giorgio

Healed thanks to a friend's advice:
the story of Giorgio
Giorgio was born in Erba in 1946. He is a retired architect, and he lives in Erba, in the province of Como. He is married, has 4 children and 3 grandchildren and is part of a large family of 60 close relatives.
He likes to cook for friends and his passion is trekking.
In 2012, after a routine prostate check, Giorgio follows the advice of his Urologist to undergo a biopsy, only for prevention. At that time George, as a matter of fact, did not claim any discomfort or pain.
The check-up shows the formation in the prostate tissues of cancer cells, which, until then, had "not moved", in other words they had not grown to form a tumor with clear symptoms.
George must undergo periodic check-ups to verify that the disease does not progress. But in 2013 this happens : the cells begin to spread and action must be taken.
Under the advice of the medical doctor in charge George must decide whether to proceed with radiotherapy or choose surgical excision to remove tumor tissue, in association with a cycle of radiotherapy.
Just when he is about to opt for the first solution, George hears by chance from a friend that at CNAO in Pavia tumors are treated with a new technique, hadrontherapy, which is effective and has much less side effects of traditional radiation therapy. So George contacts the Centre of Pavia and sends his medical files to require care for his tumor.
The answer of the doctors is positive: George's disease, which is a high risk prostate cancer, can be destroyed with hadrontherapy, but he has to wait some time. Just in those weeks, CNAO was adjusting the method for the treatment of prostate cancer at high risk, which, until then, had never been treated. For George the "right moment" arrives in June 2014 when he takes a 4 week cycle of hadrontherapy. The treatment is successful and today the cancer is won. George does check-ups every three months.
About his experience at CNAO Giorgio says:
"My experience is very good. I met competent doctors and, in general, a staff of prepared people, young and attentive to the needs of patients from the human point of view. The diagnosis of cancer was surprising to me because I had no strong stimuli and I was not aware of the seriousness of the disease. I was lucky because I had an early diagnosis and became aware, accidentally, of an effective treatment for my illness, with much less side effects than those of radiotherapy. I find amazing that so many doctors do not know hadrontherapy ".
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