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Hodgkin's lymphomas can strike all ages but especially young people. This disease is usually treated with chemotherapy or chemotherapy combined with biological therapy. Radiation treatment is used in combination with various chemotherapy combinations. Sometimes, it can also be used as the only method of treatment.
Traditional radiotherapy is always associated with the exposure of healthy tissue and after its completion is often accompanied by acute side effects in the form of difficulty in swallowing, mucosal ulcerations, dryness of the mouth, reddening of the skin, as well as nausea and diarrhoea. But the late effects of radiation may appear after months or even years with damage to the function of the heart (ischaemic heart disease), lung (fibrosis) or thyroid (hypothyroidism), or developing secondary tumours near the irradiated areas due to low doses of radiation in large parts of the body.
photon proton
Radiotherapy with protons reduces this risk in the long term and the possible permanent late damages, without compromising the desired effect of the treatment, which is to destroy the tumour.
Prevention of late negative effects is all the more important when the patient's age is young because being Lymphoma a curable disease, it would have all the time to develop undesired late effects that can compromise the quality and the duration of life.
Radiotherapy with protons can represent the selective treatment in accordance with the international recommendations.
What locations we treat:
  • Lymphoma in the thorax area
  • Lymphoma in abdomen and pelvis areas
  • Lymphoma near the head and neck
What advantages:
  • Better preservation of the surrounding healthy tissue
  • For lymphoma in the thorax area, dose reduction to breast, lung, heart and thyroid
  • For the abdominal region Lymphoma, dose reduction to the intestines, kidneys, liver, ovaries, uterus, bladder and rectum
  • For irradiation of areas close to head and neck, dose reduction to the ocular structures, the salivary glands and the oral cavity
  • Reduced risk of adverse complications in relation to conventional radiotherapy (the development of cardiovascular diseases, the development of secondary tumours, etc.)
  • Minimizing the negative effects
  • Return to your life immediately after the treatment
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