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Technical-scientific committee of CNAO

External committees


With regard to the Lombardy Regional Decree No.5493 of 25 June 2013 for the reorganization of the Ethics Committees, the CNAO adheres to the EC of the Policlinico San Matteo.

Scientific and Technical Committee (CTS)
The CNAO's Scientific and Technical Committee is made up of Oncological Radiotherapy experts. The role of the CTS is to discuss, review and approve all the procedures related to the pre-clinical and clinical research of CNAO Foundation.

The member of the CTS are:

  • Roberto Orecchia, IEO Milan
  • Ferruccio Bonino, University of Florence
  • Arturo Chiti, Humanitas Hospital, Milan
  • Fabrizio Tagliavini, Besta Institute, Milan
  • Renzo Corvò, San Martino Hospital University, Genoa
  • Giovanni Apolone, National Cancer Institute of Milan
  • Nadia Di Muzio, San Raffaele Hospital, Milan
  • Marco Durante, GSI
  • Marco Krengli, Ospedale Maggiore, Novara
  • Michele Livan, University of Pavia
  • Stefano Magrini, AIRO
  • Silvano Bosari, Policlinico di Milano
  • Giampaolo Merlini, Policlinico San Matteo, Pavia
  • Vincenzo Valentini, Gemelli Hospital, Rome
  • Umberto Ricardi, Molinette Hospital, Turin
San Matteo resolution
  • Azienda con sistema di gestione per la Qualità Certificata
  • Centre registered with QuESTIO, the mapping of players actively operating in the field of research and innovation
  • Lombardia Life Sciences
  • ESTRO Institutional Member 2019